Friday, 19 February 2010

Coming back to niche blogging

It's been a while since my last article on this blog. During the silent months I've been busy in many different areas. Of course, a lot of my free time has been dedicated to niche blogging.

Unfortunately, I have not had much time for metablogging about making money with niche blogs as I have been quite busy studying business administration. It seems that a MBA programme in business administration is not very useful for creating a steady income by different niche blogging strategies. On the contrary, one can quite well earn a decent income by ignoring everything one learns in marketing classes and by concentrating on creating second quality content.

It is quantity that matters, not quality.

At least that is the impression I've got by following some webmaster forums, discussing with other online entrepreneurs and analysing some of the obviously successful web sites. At least in the affiliate marketing business the content is often of low quality. It has been written primarily for search engines and secondarily as marketing bs. Very rarely on encounters anything that is actually worth reading.

Even a short glance of the content makes it clear that it has not been written for any half intelligent reader. Of course, it is better to concentrate on the more stupid readers as they might be more willing to buy the advertised products.


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