Thursday, 16 July 2009

Page ranked again

For some time, this blog was deemed by Google to be a supplemental page. This meant no page rank at all, and hence the page did barely get any visitors via Google.

I realized I had in all probability overdone the Amazon affiliate ads. I removed most of them, and after a couple of weeks I had the page rank 2. Nice. It seems all hope is not lost if one is willing to make necessary adjustments to a page that is considered as made for affiliate revenues only. Just remove most of the ads, and after some period of time you might have your page appear again in the search results.

I've been pretty lazy updating this blog. Make money online niche is overcrowded and it seems to be impossible to make money with a crap blog like this. But I have some even crappier blogs that make a dollar every day... So the niche must be chosen wisely for this kind of nonsense blogs.


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